About 1c7

Email: guokrfans@gmail.com

Hi, I'm Cheng Zheng, Living in China (GuangZhou)

I am Web Developer, doing mostly Ruby on Rails & Front end stuff these days.

I like remote working and I really like the concept of Indie Hacker (build useful product & make living out of it)


I am building yuzhu.me, Chinese name call 寓住(寓 mean apartment, 住 mena live)
it's a tool that help people find Serviced Apartment in China. (not regular apartment)
there are no similar product in China yet(strangely)
and people we have talked about is pretty positive about this idea & product.
I spend 80% of my time on yuzhu.me these day.
I start working on yuzhu.me at July 2017.
(I would wrote a blog later that contain much more detail, here just some basic info)

I have couple side project


If you are interesting to know about my career

Here is my Linkedin (Cheng Zheng's Linkedin)

I know you don't want read Linkedin because it's long. so here is a overview:
I had 5 job

PHP -> PHP -> PHP -> Ruby on Rails -> Ruby on Rails

Remote(Netherland) -> Onsite(Shenzhen) -> Onsite(GuangZhou) -> Remote(Singapore) -> Remote(Seattle, U.S.)