I can read & write in English. so English email are welcome

Hi, I'm Cheng Zheng

Living in China, GuangZhou.
Web Developer, doing mostly Ruby on Rails & Front End these days (2018)

Love remote working & "indie hacker" (build a product & make living out of it)

Recently (2018)

doing & freelancing

What is yuzhu?

it help people find Serviced Apartment in China.
I been putting this project on hold (2017 Dec -> 2018 March, about 4 months)
about to get back on this project

I have other side project (5 in total)

My career

Cheng Zheng's Linkedin

I know you don't like to read Linkedin
because it's long. so here is short version:

PHP -> PHP -> PHP -> Ruby on Rails -> Ruby on Rails

-> Remote(Netherland)(2014)
-> Onsite(Shenzhen)(2015)
-> Onsite(GuangZhou)(2015)
-> Remote(Singapore)(2016)
-> Remote(Seattle, U.S)(2017)
-> Freelancing(2018)