I have 5 side project (4 Website + 1 Android App)

none of them is making money at this point (2017-Sep)

1. Youtube Sum Up (not maintaining)


I once waste 47 minute on a Youtube video with content I already know,

I watched it is because the title and description didn't tell much,
just says "Lesson #2".

I hate the feeling of waste time and get nothing done.
I created this website and hope people can write longer review on video to:

  1. better understanding of the video, because to summarize it you have to use your own word
  2. help other save times.

2. Reco (月可) (offline, not maintaining)


just as Sum up, I wrote this in 2016, since then I learn a lot about what's a good landing page.
I would make a better landing page once I have time.

I read ton of article & watch ton of video, very small percentage of them is really good, I want write a little piece about what's it about, if other interested they can click original link to get more detail. I just want share great stuff with people.

3. Crash Course China Android App (CC 速成班)

(maintaining, cost me about 1 hour per week)

it's on an Android App Store call "酷安(Ku An)"
a non-for-profit project.
and Open Souce
Launched at 2017-06-26, 2017-09-16 have 962 download.

Youtube is being blocked in China,
and Crash Course have really great content,
a lot people in China are tranlating Crash Course video for free just because they love this kind of content.(I used to do that during 2013-2015 as a side thing) these translated video is all over the place,

I build this & hope people can just open up app and watch translated Crash Course video. without research what people are translating what serie and follow them on that video website.

John Green know this
in case you may not know, Google is banned in China, Google Play is not working at all, China have couple Android App Store.(wandoujia/ku an/baidu/tencent/etc..) and they have annoying review process, so I only upload my app to this one app store. (annoying review process: take photo of you holding ID card (front & back) and must show your elbow for whatever reason, and I have to print some form and sign it, I just don't have time & mood to do all of that.)

4.寓住) (I spend 90% my time on this)

Find Apartment in China.
2.0 gonna launched around 2017 Sep 25 to 30

5. Sideidea (I spend 10% my time on this)


Interview Chinese maker about how they create side project and bring in revenue, inspire by

Thanks Courtland Allen allow us translate some indie hacker interview into Chinese !!

Launched around August 23