需要 30万 RMB,目前只筹到 3万
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English: the following is written by my family member, I just copy&paste here:

You raise me up, but now I can't save your life! I have the best father. He is a hardworking and brave man. In my memory, he is always optimistic and busy. When I was a child, my mother died of illness, and my brother died unexpectedly. my father, who had been supporting my grandmother until his eighties, died, and then he lived with my sister. But in May, my sister got sick into the operating room.The high medical bills cost us all our money and borrowed a lot. My sister underwent three chemotherapy treatments after her operation, and the chemotherapy will continue for her to survive. The beauty girl lost all her hairs. She looks like an old man now, but she can live, and we are all happy for her.It never rains but it pours.In September, my father suddenly fainted to hospital, his heart beat faster than 200 times a minute. The doctor gave four times electric shocks in the emergency room before rescuing him. The results of the hospital's multi-party inspection suggested that the father should be given a heart bypass operation immediately to install artificial scaffolds on his heart. But we need nearly 300,000 yuan for the surgery. the stubborn father woke up and insisted on going home. We knew he was afraid We can't afford the expense, and he wanted to leave the chance of survival to my sister.Now, through this platform, we hope to get help and blessings from all of you. I hope my father will have the chance to have the operation and hope that they can live. Thanks again for your donation, please forward the article and let more people pass the love.
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Bank Account(Agricultural Bank of China) 622848 0083953694219

Goal: 300,000 RMB, Current progress: 30,000(only 10% of the Goal)

even 10 Dollar or RMB would be super helpful! Thanks!!